ZIIP Lips | How to Plump Lips with ZIIP

Have you ever wondered how you can plump your lips naturally while adding lasting volume and fullness? ZIIP founder and leading electrical esthetician Melanie Simon says you can plump your lips without the need for filler or surgical enhancement, all from the comfort of your own home:

“Microcurrent essentially works on a muscular level, stimulating the muscles to contract and relax (just like in a workout). When used on and around the lips, microcurrent helps to contract the Orbicularis oris muscle which increases circulation to the Vermilion border, giving you the perfect pout. The effects are immediate and can last for up to 72 hours.”

“I created the perfect microcurrent treatment for plumping your lips at-home. All you need is the ZIIP HALO device, which uses Dual Waveform technology™ to sculpt the face. This treatment is also available for ZIIP customers with the GX device and OX device."

“ZIIP has just launched a brand new targeted treatment ‘ZIIP Lips’ which uses microcurrent at a carefully calibrated waveform to give a plumper, fuller pout in just two minutes. Now available in the ZIIP App, simply sync your ZIIP device and you’ll see the benefits.”

“Here’s everything you need to know about how to plump lips naturally with ZIIP Lips.”

What is the ZIIP Lips treatment?

ZIIP Lips is a two-minute microcurrent treatment that targets your lips, increasing circulation to give a plumper, fuller look without the need for surgical enhancement. This targeted treatment smooths fine lines, while restoring pigment and evening out color balance.

How can I get the ZIIP Lips treatment?

The ZIIP Lips treatment is exclusively available using the ZIIP HALO, ZIIP OX and ZIIP GX via our ZIIP App where you can unlock over 11 other unique treatments created by Melanie.

Melanie guides you through every step of your treatment with video tutorials - simply turn your ZIIP device on, choose the ZIIP Lips treatment, allow the app to sync to your device and follow the treatment as guided by Melanie.

Is it safe to use Microcurrent and ZIIP Nanocurrent™ on my lips?

Yes. Microcurrent and ZIIP Nanocurrent™ are safe to use on your lips. However, ZIIP Lips uses microcurrent alone to stimulate the muscles and increase blood flow resulting in a fuller, more even pout. 

How often should I do the ZIIP Lips treatment to see results?

As ZIIP Lips is a microcurrent-only treatment, this provides immediate results that last all day. Make sure to include this targeted treatment into your facial on the days you want a more plumped pout. 

I want to maximize my results from ZIIP Lips, is there more I can do?

To maximize your ZIIP Lips results, follow the ZIIP Lips mini plan. This is a combination of three treatments to ensure your lips are looking their fullest and more defined. Start with the new ZIIP Lips treatment, focussing on your lips. Then, select Jowls on your ZIIP App and zone in on your jowls to contour and define your lower face. Lastly, use Plump to reduce fine lines and add extra fullness to the areas where you want to see youthful volume and bounce.

Do I need to do any prep or aftercare?


Make the most of your ZIIP Lips experience by keeping your lips hydrated and healthy. Indulge in an intensive lip mask the night before to see best results.

Exfoliate & Activate

Buff away any dry skin or texture with a gentle lip scrub. This will leave your lips feeling fresh and smooth, ready for ZIIP activation. Choose from one of the ZIIP conductive gels - we recommend Silver or Crystal based on their hydrating benefits. Apply your chosen gel all over your lips and mouth area before using ZIIP Lips.


It’s now time to select ZIIP Lips on the ZIIP App and sync with your ZIIP device. Work this treatment over your lips, guided by Melanie. All it takes is two minutes to see a plumper, fuller and smoother pout.

Top Tip: Focus on the areas you want to plump the most.


Once you have used your ZIIP, gently remove the conductive gel and follow with your favorite lip products. Use products containing hyaluronic acid to maintain your hydration.


Finally, it's important to protect your lips to make sure they don't get chapped or burned. Wear a daily lip balm with broad spectrum SPF protection against burning (UBV) rays and cellular aging (UVA) rays.

What should I do if I have chapped or dry lips?

Melanie recommends using an overnight lip mask on chapped, dry lips to restore moisture and softness. For added benefits, she also recommends using LED in the area, specifically amber light—this restores collagen levels and increases cell productivity to speed up the healing process.