How To Get A Glass Skin Facial At Home

Every year comes a new wave of skincare trends, but few have garnered as much attention worldwide as the pursuit of "glass skin." This look has captivated skincare lovers everywhere with its promise of a flawless, glowing complexion reminiscent of polished glass.

Renowned for its innovative skincare industry and beauty culture, South Korea introduced the concept of "glass skin" in 2017/2018. Since then, the beauty community has been on the hunt for skincare products and techniques that help to give you this glow.

On top of creams and serums, ZIIP founder and leading electrical esthetician Melanie Simon shares how our electrical beauty tool ZIIP HALO can help you to perform a glass skin facial at home:

“The secret to perfecting your glass skin routine at home lies in the power of ZIIP Nanocurrent™. Nanocurrent is a low-level electrical waveform that communicates with the skin on a cellular level to improve your skin’s health and appearance.”

“When using ZIIP Nanocurrent™ on your face, you won’t feel a thing - however, this doesn’t mean it’s not powerful. In actual fact, this current is penetrating much deeper than microcurrent.”

“On a cellular level, ZIIP Nanocurrent™ safely targets the skin cells and tissues to generate kinetic heat, stimulating the skin’s natural production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. This is what helps to give you that glass skin effect.”

“The ZIIP HALO is the only at-home electrical beauty tool that uses ZIIP Nanocurrent™ and we have just launched a Glass Skin treatment plan, dedicated to helping you get glass skin in just two weeks.”

Here’s everything you need to know about how to perform a glass skin facial at home using ZIIP HALO:

What is ZIIP’s Glass Skin treatment plan?

Our new Glass Skin treatment plan is a 2-week long treatment plan, featuring different ZIIP facials you can experience using your ZIIP beauty device. These treatments have been carefully curated by Mel to help you create your own glass skin routine at home.

On week one there are six days you need to ZIIP and one rest day. On week two there are five days you need to ZIIP and two rest days.

How can I get the ZIIP Glass Skin treatment plan?

The ZIIP Glass Skin treatment plan is exclusively available using the ZIIP HALO, ZIIP OX and ZIIP GX via our ZIIP App where you can access a whole myriad of electrical facial treatments targeting different skincare concerns.

Mel guides you through every step of your treatment with video tutorials - simply turn your ZIIP device on, choose the ZIIP Glass Skin treatment plan, and stay consistent with the days you need to ZIIP.

What time of day should I do my Glass Skin routine?

There is no optimal time for you to ZIIP, you can completely tailor this to your personal routine.

Although, you should always ZIIP either before you put on skincare/makeup or after you’ve removed your skincare/makeup.

Can I stack other ZIIP treatments on top of this treatment plan?

No. This treatment plan has been carefully curated to ensure you get the best results from your ZIIP within a 2-week period.

Stacking other treatments on top of this treatment plan will not boost your results.

Should I use a specific ZIIP Gel for the Glass Skin treatment plan?

Mel recommends our Silver Gel for an extra hydration and glow boost: “Silver Gel is concentrated with anti-inflammatories and a crushed pearl that together give this textural effect we are looking for.”

“However, you will get the glass skin effect from the treatment plan if you follow the program no matter which gel you have.”

What are the best products for glass skin?

To complement your ZIIP treatment plan, Mel recommends topping up with glass skin products such as Vitamin C: “Vitamin C is going to make your skin very reflective. If you can get the benefits from it and are using it correctly, Vitamin C plays a huge part in brightening the skin. Make sure to look for products that use the THD form of Vitamin C.”