Small Habits for a Mindful 2024

As we approach 2024, the "new year, new me" season is upon us. Whether your aspirations involve adopting a fresh skincare routine or aiming to run a marathon by June; it's important to set achievable goals, regardless of their size. Statistics show that only 9% of Americans successfully stick to their new year’s resolutions. Whether it's due to commitment issues or the diminishing novelty of reinventing yourself each year, the motivation often fades within a few months. This year, we are focusing on wellness resolutions. We’re making them small, manageable and mindful with the hopes they’ll stay with you until next year.


Here are the top five small habits we are taking into 2024:

  1. Mastering the evening routine

In the midst of a busy lifestyle, it becomes easy to neglect your evening routine. However, by setting aside your phone and fully engaging in a self-care ritual before bedtime, you can enhance your quality of sleep—waking up more rejuvenated for the following day. Following our own skincare and ZIIP routine, we aim to dedicate five minutes to meditation and breathwork. Practising breathwork is an amazing tool for self-connection, creating a tranquil environment to significantly improve sleep quality.

  1. Learn a new skill

From mastering the art of ice skating to experimenting with a new recipe, this goal can range from the modest to the inspired. Take a leap and engage in something outside your typical routine; you might discover a new hobby. This experience has the potential to elevate your confidence and self-esteem, offering a sense of purpose and building connections with others.

  1. Adopting a positive mantra

The way in which we communicate with ourselves establishes the framework for our interactions with others. It's really important to not speak to yourself negatively, instead work on being your biggest supporter. Consider taking on a challenge; refrain from complaining or expressing negativity about yourself for 24 hours. Once accomplished, extend this self-positivity to 48 hours and beyond. This practice can significantly elevate confidence levels and enhance your overall mood.

  1. Stretch

Make time to stretch! Though it may seem straightforward, stretching offers a wonderful opportunity to infuse wellness into your day without significantly altering your current routine.  Select a time that suits you—whether it's right after waking up, before bedtime, or even during your lunch break.

  1. “Me-time”

This resolution essentially combines all of the four goals mentioned above. Dedicate a specified time, be it five minutes or an hour, based on what best suits your lifestyle. Allocating time for self-care or gratifying activities makes for a healthy habit to carry into 2024. Consider designating this time to add to your ZIIP routine, include a focused treatment, or sit with your Silver or Golden Gel on for an extra 20 minutes for an intensive mask treatment.