Fine Lines Around The Eyes: Causes and Treatments

Fine lines around our eyes are a natural and normal part of aging, often called ‘smile lines’, they’re a sign of a life well lived. A reminder of each and every grin and grimace you’ve made throughout your life. 

However, if you’re keen on delaying these visible signs of aging on your face, there are a range of methods, tips and tricks designed to reduce fine lines around your eyes and freshen up your appearance. 

Here, we’ll take a look at the main causes, along with recommending treatments that will make you look – and feel – a little bit brighter.

The Causes 

Most commonly, fine lines around the eyes are caused during the natural process of aging, and can’t be helped. However, some factors may worsen or exacerbate the development of lines under the eyes. 

1. UV Radiation

Exposure to ultraviolet rays, such as spending time outdoors in the sun without SPF, can be a huge contributing factor to lines around the eyes. The use of tanning beds also exposes the skin to UV Radiation. These rays break down the collagen within your skin, causing sallowness and wrinkling of the skin over time. 

2. Facial Movements

Unavoidable, but even everyday facial movements can contribute to the development of lines under the eyes. Whilst it’s impossible to limit the amount of facial expressions you pull in a day, an easier way of dealing with this can be by changing your sleeping position. If you sleep on your front, you may wake up with lines across your face where you’ve pressed into the pillow. Over time, this effect can cause fine lines around the eyes.

3. Smoking

Not only affecting your lung health but also your skin health, smoking can contribute to the development of wrinkles, including around the eye area. Constricting the blood vessels in the face, the skin in your face struggles to circulate blood throughout the face, reducing the amount of vitamin A needed in the face for a youthful appearance and glow.

The Treatment

Once you’ve identified the causes of the lines under your eyes, it’s time to start investigating some treatment options and here at ZIIP, we know that microcurrent is a safe and efficient method. 

Microcurrent stimulates the muscles under the skin, contracting and relaxing them, giving instant results. It’s entirely painless and can be done regularly, effortlessly fitting in with your existing skincare routine.

The ZIIP HALO utilizes both microcurrent and nanocurrent to target the cells on different levels and give both immediate and long-lasting results. As mentioned, microcurrent is an electrical waveform that offers instant results, including facial definition and blurring fine lines.

Nanocurrent, though, subtly mimics the electrical currents of the brain that deteriorate with age, combatting the visible signs of aging in the skin. This encourages cellular regeneration, giving you a healthier complexion and reduced wrinkles and fine lines over time.

Using the ZIIP app, you can follow along with creator, Melanie Simon, as she conducts her own targeted ‘eye area’ treatment to reduce fine lines around the eyes. It takes just three minutes and will leave you looking and feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. 

Preventative Methods

While it’s fun trying new treatments and gadgets, it’s worth knowing about the preventative methods that minimize the occurrence of fine lines in the first place.

1. Facial Yoga 

Certain facial exercises are hugely effective in keeping the skin tight and stretched, reducing the appearance of fine lines. Utilising tools like face rollers and gua sha’s is also recommended.

2. A Gentle Skincare Routine

Taking great care of the skin around the eyes, and being careful not to rub or scratch the skin harshly, a skincare routine can be hugely beneficial. A gentle exfoliator and a hydrating moisturizer are an easy way to help minimize the appearance of lines below the eyes.

3. Limit Sun Exposure

Always use a good SPF when out in the sun, even if you think you won’t be out that long, or the sun isn’t that strong that day. The damages of UV radiation can be detrimental and are hard to undo. Implementing this into your skincare routine is a great way to ensure that you don’t forget.

4. Change your sleeping habits

Sleeping on your back is an excellent way to make sure your face isn’t pushed into the pillow during your sleep, minimising pressure on the skin and therefore, helping to prevent the development of fine lines beneath the eyes.